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Squamous Cell skin cancer of 12mm on the forehead, removed with 5mm margins with skin flap repair and outcome after 6 months.

A Dermoscope is used to search for melanomas.

Typical way of detecting a very early melanoma:


A dermoscopical image was taken of this lesion 6 months apart. In the right handed image - right lower corner - an extra collection of pigmented dots were observed on the back of a patient's leg. This was in spite of a generally lighter skin colour during the second photo session - compare dates.

It was surgically removed and reported by the Pathologist as an early melanoma.

This type of melanoma is not possible to detect without serial dermoscopical photography.

Dermoscopical view (taken during skin examination) of a brown patch on the left cheek of a lady, 2 and 1/2 years apart.

The change (darkening of areas of the lesion on the right) was obvious and after surgical removal was proven to be a Melanoma.