I have an iPhone app that I use to self examine my skin. It indicated to me a concerning mole. What do I do?


Amongst other services, we have a service specially for this. 


It includes a clinical review with a mapping dermascope and likely surgical removal of the suspicious mole. It is done under local anaesthesia and fine suturing to close up the defect. It is done wherever on the skin is required.


A 30 minute appointment can be made that will cost $35.00 if no surgery is done. If the spot needs to be removed for diagnostic purposes, the fee will be around $250.00 all included. No consultation fee will be charged in case the surgical option is selected.


The fee is payable at the time of consultation.


If more than one mole are involved, a quote can be done before surgery is done.


The specimen will be sent to Pathlab for histological analisys which takes 10-14 days for a report to come back.




How long does it take to do a full body skin scan?


Depending on the amount of skin lesions or moles it can take between 30 – 40 minutes.


Do I need a ' Spot Check'  or  a 'Full Body Scan' ?


'Generally 99% of patients that come in for a spot check, actually come in showing us the 'good spots'. Needless to say that they then pay $75.00 for us not looking at the relevant spots that need attention.


A Full body skin check is generally advised but it is still a matter of choice for the patient what they want to be checked.


How do I make an appointment for a Full Body Skin Scan?


Phone us at 0800 272 337 to make an appointment or Click on the yellow buttons on the HOME PAGE.

Ask to make an appointment with Dr.Fourie for a Full Body Skin Scan.

Alternatively, if you want a few spots photographed only, request for a ‘spot check only’, a 3 month follow up or a 6 month follow up appointment.


How often do I need a Skin Scan?


During the examination Dr.Fourie will be able to advise you what the character of your moles and skin is like. Therefore being able to advise if 12 monthly follow up is necessary or sometimes even sooner if the spots look very suspicious.


What if it needs surgical removal?


On request you can go back to your own doctor for removal of a suspicious mole or a skin lesion. Alternatively the spot can be removed at the clinic by Dr.Fourie. If time allows, the spot can be removed during the same visit.

Any surgical procedures that are risky will be referred to a plastic surgeon of your choice or on request; Dr.Fourie can recommend a plastic surgeon.


Is Skin scanning the same as Molemapping?


Yes it is although not the same equipment is used and the actual technique is different


What is Skin scanning?


A special polarising camera (Using the DermEngine system) that is able to look into the upper layers of the skin is used to determine if skin lesions are atypical, cancerous or in the process of changing, which might indicate that a melanoma is prevalent.

Early non pigmented skin cancers like Basal Cell Cancers and Squamous Cell Cancers are also detected by performing Skin scanning.


How to prepare for a Full Body Skin Check:


  • Generally it is reccommended not to ware make up or artificial suntan preperations on your skin. That will improve the accuracy of the scanning process. Your toe and finger nails will also be examined - try to remove nail polish before an examination.

  • It is not a good idea to arrive after excersize as a sweaty skin complicates the scanning process.

  • For those who come from working in a dusty enviroment, a shower might help as the dust particles interfere with the accuracy of the scanning process.

  • Due to distraction, it is advisable not to have children under 12 years of age attending the examination session. It complicates focus and discussion of the process with the patient. Thank you.